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We believe Campus Church’s vision is powerless until each person’s unique calling is unleashed. 


As we Train Together to help people live the adventure-filled good life in Jesus every day, it is our desire to equip you to live into God’s specific vision for your life. 


God created you with one-of-a-kind potential and placed you on earth for a special purpose. 


Gospel-Centered Life Design is understanding the combination of these two things. It’s helping you get radical clarity on your Life Calling, while also equipping you with how to live into it. After all, is there anything more frustrating than knowing what you should do, but not knowing how to do it? 


The YOUNIQUE process brings transformation to people around two things: 

  1. Who God has uniquely created you to be (your LifeCall)?
  2. How you can actually live it out each and every day (your LifePlan)

This is Gospel-Centered Life Design. It’s 21st Century Discipleship.


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