About Our Ministry to Students....


First - our goal as a ministry to students at Campus Church is to partner with families to influence the next generation for Christ.   It's our desire to put as many role models as we can around our students to help guide them & lead them to where they need to go.  And it's our prayer above every other prayer that all our students will come to know God, love God & serve God in such a way that one day they will spend all eternity with God!

Imagine a student in our ministry.  We get them 1 hour a week.  On average that's 40 hours per year.  What will we do with those 40 hours?  In that same year, parents will have 3000 hours with them.  What will they do with those 3000 hours?

What if the church & the family came together with one purpose, one vision, one goal?  Organizations, groups, teams that succeed all have 1 thing in common.  They have a high goal that is so valuable they'll move heaven & earth to attain it.  What goal could possibly be higher or greater that ours as we try to lead students into a lifelong relationship with Jesus?

So we want our families & our Student Ministry to come together in such a way that our students will be influenced for Christ in the greatest way possible.

How You Can Help:

We ask every parent to sign up to help.   Parents can always help us on events by chaperoning, providing food & snacks, driving a bus, being a nurse, helping with planning & logistics, etc.  We also need help on Sunday's & Wednesday's in the Underground & Warehouse Cafe's.  You can contact Sandy to find out how to help in that area.  It's an easy way to volunteer & be a great blessing to our ministry.



Our ministry wouldn't exists without the loving support of our families.  So as a Student Ministry hear us say thank you for your support of us.  May it all be for the glory of God & the desire of our hearts for these students to come to know Christ!

Campus Church of Christ -- All are welcome!
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