There's a Place for You!

Small Groups for the fall are forming now and will begin meeting soon! At Campus we believe that small groups are a great way to connect with the church family on a deeper level. Our small groups meet in the homes of Campus families throughout the metro area. Through these groups, people are able to build community, discuss ways to apply the truths of Scripture to their daily lives, and support each other through prayer, sharing, and honest self-disclosure in a comfortable and emotionally safe environment. These groups help to create and nurture the ideas to which all of Scripture points -- to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

If you'd like to join a group, host a group or just find out more info, contact Mark Simmons by email.

P.S. You do not have to be a member at Campus to be a part of one of our small groups. Anyone is welcome!

Campus Church of Christ -- All are welcome!
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