Middle School

The Warehouse is the Campus Student Ministry Center for 70+ students in Middle School. Based on Matthew 6:20, we want to encourage our students in Middle School to "store up their treasure in heaven." In the Warehouse you can play Wii on the giant screen in the WH Cafe, hang out with friends, play ball on The Lot, & more!

Sunday morning Student Ministry activities for all students in grades 6-8 meet in the Warehouse at 10:15 AM and Wednesday night activities meet in the Underground at 6:30 PM for 180 Worship.

Upcoming Events

23 -- 180 Worship

11 -- Impact Jr. Balance Due 

13-16 -- Impact Jr.

Worship Services
9:00am & 11:15am | 1525 Indian Trail Road | Norcross, GA | 770.923.0449
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